Carpet whipper

Carpet whipper is designed for self-service manually hammering the interior carpet from cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. Structural design allows placement in open or closed areas at service stations, the transport companies, car washes, parks, etc.

The product is compact casing of stainless steel, which is equipped with a stainless steel front grill, stainless steel bar and stainless junk drawer with a handle that allows locking of the padlock.

Technical data

Weight 20kg
Dimensions 612 x 339 x 1040 (W x D x H)
Outlet volume 23l

Place of company Workplace of company t. +420 518 612 307
Ostrovského 253/3; 150 00 Praha 5 Svatoborská 591; 697 01 Kyjov f. +420 518 612 309
Vytvořilo: A studio group