CW 100 P


High-pressure washing equipment CW 100 P is designed for washing cars, trucks and commercial vehicles in carwashes, also for washing agricultural, construction and other transportation equipment. Basic equipment consists of washing unit with high pressure pump control with coin or chip automat, full stainless coat, washing gun and ceiling swivel arm. Individual structural elements are designed with high durability and reliability. These characteristics make it ideally suited for professional use.

Other advantages of the device:

  • Stainless steel cladding with ventilation ducts (dappled coat stainless steel) with a high resistance in an environment saturated with salt
  • Endless stainless steel ceiling swivel arm
  • Driver with a coin machine and the key-switch operation
  • High pressure hose, gun cleaning, tube cleaning guns for postponement
  • The possibility of winter operations, ie. continuously variable system
  • Use of recycled and fresh water in the various programs
  • Using low speed high pressure pump

Technical data

Washing aggregate weight 125 kg
Dimension of the washing unit 970 x 560 x 1500 (W x D x H)
System Voltage 400V – AC 50Hz 400 V/TN-S
Installed power 4 kW
Rated working pressure 100 bar / 130 bar
Inlet water pressure 2 – 6 bar
Rated operational flow 10 -15 l/min.

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